EMS Lifestyle

Hey, my names Shannon! I'm a 20 year old EMT from Boston. and this is my life as an over worked underpaid EMT.

Rules of EMS….

1.If the pt. vomits, try to hold the head to the side of the rig with the least difficult cleanable equipment.

2.If someone dies by chem. hazards, electrical shocks or other on-scene dangers it should be the patient, not you.

3.There will be problems.

4.Just because someone’s fully immobilized doesn’t mean they can’t be violent.

5.Better them (another unit) then me.

6.Best time to work a code - overtime.

7.The dead never get better, on the other hand they never get worse.

8.69. Whoops: 1) the monitor just fell down the stairs, 2) the cold and flu patient just coded, 3) the wrong house.

9.Rules: 1) Don’t get dirty, 2) Don’t run, you may violate rule #1, 3) If it looks like you might get dirty doing something let the new guy do it.

10.For every ALS skill we learn, we forget a BLS one.

11.Newbies always look for large things in the smallest compartments and vice versa.

12.There is no such thing as a bad call. Only calls that didn’t go the way you planned.

13.For every 25 calls you run, only 1 will be exciting.

14.The old EMS constant; no matter how bad the politics get, the doors go up and the trucks go out.

15. Being in emergency services means you get to celebrate your holidays with all your friends, while on-duty.

16.EMS does not save lives, EMS is to care for people. It is 95% of what we do.

17.Even sterile water tastes great on a hot day.

18.The furniture will always be arranged so that a stretcher or stairchair will never fit easily.

19.If someone is pointing a gun at you, 2 things 1. you should have waited for PD, 2. you wish you just hadn’t made that wise ass comment.

20.your driver will never hit a pot hole or curb unless your pt has a bad fracture.

21.If ever in doubt which house you were called to look for the stairs.

22.EMS providers know how to say “got shoes” in 7 different languages.

23..Message to Newbies: People are going to get sick, People are going to get hurt, and People are going to die. This is not a multiple choice job. You must be able to handle ALL OF THE ABOVE!

24.Some people can do this job some can’t. Pray you are partners with one who can.


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